Annie Yoder's music is not your everyday singer/songwriter style. Nearly each song of her 12 track debut album, Thousand, includes carefully crafted vocals- layers upon layers of them. 409 to be exact, in the whole album. I'll bet you've never heard anything like it.

Photos over the years…

Hello visitors. I found some fun music photos from over the years (and over many different hair styles)! From the Breaking Pavement music video shoot with Bob Ralston.     Photo shoot with my twinny, Caroline Macomber.         Mixing with Nate Butler at the Rabbit Hole for Nimble Wit Productions. Photo cred Nate.   Photo shoot with Denice Hazlett, Sprouted Acorn Photography.            Singin’ at my Alma Mater, Bluffton University with Jonathan Reuel and Jason Ropp   Photo shoot with Bob Ralston One of many Wooster farmer’s market performances. Photo cred Jennifer Jackson. Gathering Grounds with Aubrey Helmuth Miller. Photo cred Bob Ralston.      ... read more

THOUSAND: it’s here

Hello everyone. I can hardly believe it, but the time has finally come. My first album is going out into the world! It has been two years of hard work, love, confusion, excitement, and creativity. I know I’m being a little theatrical over here, but truly I am so happy. I love music; singing, performing, writing, recording, and sharing it with others. And now I finally get to step into the world of larger scale distribution! Well, larger scale for me, I’m not signed to a label or anything *cough *cough (that was for you record company executive people…I know you’re out there…but probably not reading this). So how did I get here? Music has always been a labor of love for me, but I haven’t always had the clearest relationship with it. I’ve never been quite sure how to let it grow, develop, and manifest itself in my life. And I have tried a lot of different manifestations. That doesn’t mean I have ever been for a loss of inspiration. I remember humming little homemade tunes on the bus to elementary school. These ideas would pop into my brain so I would start humming them, then singing them, then singing them LOUDLY, and my bus driver had to politely tell me that while she enjoyed the music, I would have to tone it down so she could concentrate on driving. Over the years these homemade melodies started to grow with the continuing music lessons, countless choir and band rehearsals, and hundreds of hymns sang in pews. These experiences gave me the tools I needed to start to create... read more